Meet the Team at The Firehouse

Mon 3, 2024

The Firehouse Bar & Grill is not just about great food and a welcoming atmosphere; it’s about the dedicated team that brings it all together. Meet the talented individuals who make every visit to The Firehouse a memorable experience.

Matthew McCabe – General Manager (GM)

As the General Manager, Matthew McCabe oversees all operations at The Firehouse. With years of experience in the hospitality industry, Matthew ensures that every aspect of the restaurant runs smoothly. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction. Matthew’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in the success of The Firehouse.

Sonia Norris – Assistant General Manager (AGM)

Sonia Norris, the Assistant General Manager, works closely with Matthew to maintain the high standards of service and hospitality at The Firehouse. Her keen eye for detail and passion for guest satisfaction make her an invaluable part of the management team. Sonia is always on hand to ensure that every guest has an exceptional dining experience.

Philip Kenny – Head Chef

Head Chef Philip Kenny is the culinary genius behind the delicious dishes at The Firehouse. With a passion for innovative cooking and a deep respect for traditional flavors, Philip creates a menu that delights and surprises. His expertise and creativity ensure that every meal is a culinary masterpiece.

Mark Arias – Sous Chef

Sous Chef Mark Arias supports Philip in the kitchen, bringing his own flair and expertise to the team. Mark’s dedication to quality and precision ensures that every dish meets the high standards of The Firehouse. His teamwork and culinary skills make him an essential part of the kitchen staff.

The Firehouse Bar & Grill thrives because of the dedication and expertise of its team. From the management led by Matthew McCabe and Sonia Norris to the culinary brilliance of Philip Kenny and Mark Arias, each team member plays a crucial role in delivering an outstanding dining experience. Come and experience the passion and excellence of The Firehouse team.

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